Hey, I'm Sergey Makarov!

Hey, I’m Sergey and I’m a student, Linux user and C developer. I’ve been coding since 2012. While I was attending school, I learned several languages and technologies, including Java, Android, Hibernate, Kotlin, C and Haskell, some examples can be found in my GitHub Page. I’m deeply interested in programming languages design and compiler technologies. In particular, I’m learning now low-level programming language, called Rust.

Education and Projects

In 2017 I graduated Kolmogorov’s boarding school and entered into The Faculty of Computational Mathemathics and Cybernetics. I’ve also finished some courses on Stepik: Java Web Development(1, 2) and Functional Programming in Haskell(1, 2).

Some projects, in which I took part:

  • NoticEditor - note-taking application with support of hierarchical notes, LaTeX and Markdown and its Android flaw.
  • CompilerLab - simple tool for finding an area of curvilinear triangle. It grew from my laboratory work to a hobby project. On this project I trained some aspects of compiler design, such as parsing, code generation and optimization.
  • TestApp - test task for JetBrains internship, an app for searching courses on Stepik.
  • AnnicomScrobbler - a simple tool for sending playing music to annimon.com, compatible with all players, using MPRIS protocol.
  • nixos-config - a collection of my configuration files for NixOS and various programs I use.


Feel free to contact me.